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Breakfast Club – Dana Khafaf

Dana always knew what he wanted to be – a musician who modernizes Kurdish music! He recently released his first single “6 Mang” – a modern R&B Kurdish hit! Listen to the interview here.


vivo officially launches VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021

JUNE 7, 2021 (BEIJING, CHINA) – Today vivo officially launched the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 (hereafter referred to as VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards), in partnership with National Geographic, and announced the opening of all registration channels. As a pioneer and innovator in mobile imaging, viv


Breakfast Club – Tech consultant Arya Jemo

Arya Jemo was born and raised in France – but he always stayed close to his roots of Afrin! He has a passion for IT, robotic systems, design and art. He’s also involved in humanitarian as well! Listen to the interview here.


Breakfast Club – Hidaya Azad from Retro Cinema

One day, Hidaya and her friend Marwa had a dream about something while walking in the park. Fast forward, and now they have built Erbil’s first ever drive cinema! Retrot Cinema plays classic films and is mobile! Listen to the interview here to find out more.


Breakfast Club – Dr. Frmesk Malla Hassan

Dr. Frmesk is passionate about two things; art and teeth! She comes from a family that has an artistic background, and that shaped her love for art. A practicing dentist, she recently held the first ever art dentistry expedition. Listen to the interview here!