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Breakfast Club – interview Heather Merser

When 9/11 happened back in 2001, Heather Merser didn’t know about it because she was already kidnapped by the Taliban! After her escape, she made Koya her home for the past 15 years. Listen to her talk about the new Freedom Center set to open this week! Click here to listen to the interview. Click h


Breakfast Club – Lewin and Lana from IFMSA

Lewin and Lana are medical students from Erbil and Suly! They are members of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA.) Listen to them as they talk about the importance of having a balanced life and their previous activities! Click here to listen to the interview


Breakfast Club – Charvee and Dhivesh

Charvee has learned and memorized every capital of every country in the world. Meanwhile, her brother Dhivesh can solve the Rubik’s Cube in just a minute! Listen to them as they talk about their past school year and more! Click here to listen to the interview.


Breakfast Club – Dr. Rana Naseem

Dr. Rana Naseem joins us to tell us about the latest info on the vaccine and what to do to prepare yourself for it. She also talks about her experience in hospitals during the COVID pandemic. Listen to her by clicking here!