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Doctors on Parasol Project

Medical students made a noteworthy appearance on the show to discuss their innovative initiative, the Parasol Project. This undertaking aims to promote the adoption of a simple yet effective practice: utilizing umbrellas while walking outdoors in the sun, specifically targeting residents of the KRI


US CG Irvin Hicks Jr. on the 4th of July

US CG Irvin Hicks joined the Breakfast Club to celebrate the 4th of July, emphasizing its importance in American history. He shared a curated playlist that filled the airwaves with patriotic melodies, uniting the audience in their appreciation for the nation’s independence. Hicks’ passionate speech


Whispering Walls by Choman Hardi

Dr. Choman Hardi is an educator, writer, and scholar who has made significant contributions to gender studies and education. After spending 26 years in exile, she returned to Iraq in 2014 and became a professor at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She founded the Center for Gender and Deve


Mina Ali on Learning English

Mina Ali, the charismatic social media personality, with over half a million devoted followers through her ingenious approach to teaching English. Armed with a combination of wit, charm, and creativity, Rena has transformed the mundane task of language learning into an fun journey. Her captivating v


Ahmad and Huda from Board of Investment

Ahmad and Huda join The Breakfast Club to talk about Board of investment. will be the website where investors can find opportunities and get information from scratch to aftercare (getting their capital to the region). Click here.


Farhand from Hitex

Farhang joined the Breakfast Club to talk about HITEX 4th annual tech event. Click here to listen to the full episode.


Breakfast Club – Wissam about Fitness Event

Wissam fitness specialist, and brand ambassador for Mike Sport Iraq join the breakfast club to talk about a sports events happening on 26th of may. This will be a competition among the 8 biggest gyms in Erbil. Click Here to listen to the full show