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Ali from Erbil Gemstones Museum

21-year-old Ali from Erbil Stones and Gemstones Museum joined the Breakfast Club to tell us all about his museum in Citadel. The love for Geology runs through the generation making his family open the first ever stone museum in Kurdistan and Iraq. Listen here to the full interview.


Zhula and Abdullah from Zhula Baker

Dress designer Zhula and her husband (a civil engineer) joined the Breakfast Club to talk all about the amazing dress designs by Zhula. Listen here to learn how the dress designs came about.


Naz from The MillionOaks Project

Naz joined the Breakfast Club to talk about The MillionOak Project. This environmental conservation organization is planting one million trees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Listen to the full interview here.


Dr. Dhea from UNESCO

Dr. Dhea Subhee the Communication information Officer from UNESCO joined the Breakfast Club to talk all about their latest project. UNESCO collaborated with the French Embassy to to work on a new project called Voice of Peace. This campaign aims to enhance the coexistence in liberated areas via comm


Naseem from Women’s Forum

NaseemIssa joined the Breakfast Cub to talk all about the great work she has done as a sustainable leader for United People Global. She also spoke about her experience attending the annual Women’s Forum. Click here for the full interview.


Sewe Film by De Lovan

De Lovan Zandy is a Director, Producer, writer, actor , pro-psychologist, and artist. He joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his new film called SEWE. Sewe is a paranormal Thriller about a malevolent entity that devours the souls of children [Wow, that was dark!] . The movie will be released ac


Kenny and Mario from Cryo Box Erbil

Kenny and Mario joined Breakfast Club to talk about Cryo Box. Cryo Therapy is finally available in Erbil. To learn all about the benefits of this therapy, Click Here to listen to the full show.